Gryffin Bluffs

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Do you dream of a magical place?

Do you dream of a magical place?

Stand in the forest. Listen to the wind. Smell the clean air.

Dream of living in this magical place.

But when we’re seduced by beauty, we sometimes forget to ask the questions we should.

Dreams start here

Muskoka. It's all about the lake.

Gryffin Bluffs is on beautiful Mary Lake, part of a 4-lake chain extending 40 miles. Imagine boating right up into Deerhurst, or heading out for lunch in downtown Huntsville.

Everyone’s idea of the perfect waterfront is different. Boating. Reading. Maybe fishing, and relaxing with friends. Or just a great place for kids, away from those screens!

Gryffin Bluffs has 890 feet of scenic shoreline, protected by limited access and many environmental restrictions.

But only you can decide if the Gryffin Bluffs shoreline is a good match for your family.

Is my family looking for shoreline, or waterfront?
Muskoka. It's all about the lake.

Now about those roads...

You may love Gryffin Bluffs so much
you never want to leave.

But sooner or later, you’ll need to buy milk,
or get the kids to school.

Understand Gryffin Bluffs RoadsJust tell me about winter 2018

Buying? Selling? Are you a realtor?

You’ve got lots of questions. First answer – it is nice to sit on the deck.
But you’ve got more questions, and we’ve got more answers.

Tell me the top ten
Buying? Selling?  Are you a realtor?

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