Dream of a Magical Place

Stand in the forest. Listen to the wind. Smell the clean air.

It is easy to dream of living in this magical place.

But dreams are seductive. Taken in by beauty, we don’t always ask the questions that we should.

  • Can I get to work?
  • Will my kids be safe?
  • How much will it really cost?

Answering these questions in Gryffin Bluffs today is not as simple as you might hope, but this site will help get you started.

Magical places sometimes tempt us to magical thinking. But magical thinking doesn’t change cold reality. Roads, snow, garbage, emergency services, and corporate condominium governance can all kill the magic. As with any glossy sales brochure, you need to look beyond the marketing spin. Even if something is technically true, it may be very different from what you’re expecting.

Get the real facts, then decide if this is the right place for your dream.

Talk to lots of local people: Homeowners who’ve lived here, contractors that build here (or avoid building here), tow truck operators that clear the roads, emergency services, road engineers, and lawyers with specialist condominium experience. Find out exactly what you get for your money, and what unusual expenses you might face.  Compare it to non-condo lots or houses that are on public roads with municipal maintenance.  Ask lots of questions, and make sure you get specific answers.  Remember if you ask a direct question but no-one will give you a written answer, the answer is probably “beware”.

Of course Gryffin Bluffs is a relatively new development. Some things will probably change in the future. If you enjoy getting involved in condominium governance, have a strong business, legal or accounting background, or you already own in Gryffin Bluffs, you can be part of the quest to bring the magic back.

Whether you already own, or are thinking of buying, your dream is important. Don’t believe everything you read or hear, here on this site, or anywhere else. Take the time, find out for yourself.

And if we can help you, or you can help Gryffin Bluffs, get in touch!

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